Monday, March 8, 2010

Plan A Visit To "Grace's Garden Walk" - Blog Interview!

I’m not sure exactly how I stumbled upon “Grace’s Garden Walk” (that’s usually how friendships start, I’ve noticed, at some unnamable moment), but I’m so glad I did. Grace is a newbie to the blog world (I know how that feels =), & if you follow me (& her link =) to her lovely garden path you will find the musings, dreams, & thoughts of a lovely Daughter of the King. I had a little “cyber chat” with Grace about her blog, & we’re kindly lending you a peek…

Bess: Why did you choose to create & keep a blog?

Grace: I decided to create a blog because…I thought it would be really fun! In the past, I had read a lot of other people’s blogs & it inspired me to start one of my own. It really encouraged me to see so many Christian ladies sharing their blogs.

Bess: What’s a reader likely to find on your blog?

Grace: Readers are likely to find my…sewing projects, stories, & daily activities.

Bess: Fill us in on some of your hobbies.

Grace: I have a lot of hobbies including: sewing, writing, reading, lettering friends, blogging, card making, cooking... You can find more of my pastimes at my blog.

Bess: Take the first letter of your name & create 1 word (that starts with that 1st letter) to describe you! What’s the word?

Grace: A word that would describe me is…grateful.

Bess: Tell us about your relationship to Christ.

Grace: I want to please & serve the Lord in all I do, & want Him to direct my path in life.

"Grace’s Garden Walk" LINK:

So, take the path less traveled & visit Grace’s blog for a perfect garden stroll. Spring is in the air, & it’s a lovely time to be in the garden! (P.S.: Tell her Bess sent you! =)

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  1. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you sooooooooooooo much, Bess. You did such a lovely job with this. I appreciate soooooo much. This was really really nice of you. I am so excited.
    With love and a lot of gratitude,


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