Monday, March 29, 2010

Excitement (+ Freebie)

Hello all! I hope you enjoyed a lovely Palm Sunday yesterday! It’s hard to believe Easter is almost here! =) This week is going to be a very exciting (& busy) one here at Bess’ Bag. The amazing Amanda Beth is hosting “Secondhand Fashion Week” over at her blog “Amanda Beth Online” (click the button in my sidebar for all the info – it starts today, 3/29). As most of you probably know, I am a thrift store huntress & frugalista, so I will definitely be participating! I’ve also got Easter excitement planned as we celebrate our Savior’s death & resurrection. Easter tunes are playing, so turn up your speakers! Technically one of the songs is a “Christmas” one, but it really speaks about the cross & it is one of my most favorite songs…ever ("He Made a Way in a Manger")! Stay tuned in this week for all the excitement!

I’ve got a freebie for ya! Just think of it as a late Palm Sunday gift (or an early Easter treat)! Click the link below to get a free copy of the book Jungle Pilot, the true & inspiring story of missionaries who died for their faith. If you’ve seen the movie The End of the Spear, that’s about the same missionary pilots this book is about. Hurry, while supplies last! =)

With Christian Love,

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