Friday, May 21, 2010

"DVD Read & Share Bible: Life & Miracles" Review

Here's my 1st "Book Sneeze" review! =)
The time in between Bethlehem and Calvary is portrayed for little eyes and hearts in the “DVD Read and Share Bible: Life and Miracles” (“The Jesus Series”). When presented with the opportunity to receive a free complimentary copy of the DVD from Tommy Nelson, I jumped at the chance, as I work with children on a regular basis. Based on the Read and Share Bible by Gwen Ellis / illustrated by Steve Smallman, the DVD brings to life the ministry of Jesus for little ones. I found the colorful and somewhat simple animations sweet and charming – perfect for the intended audience. From Jesus choosing his disciples, healing the sick, feeding the 5,000, walking on water, to the Last Supper I found the DVD to be a great concrete resource to bring abstract and often hard to grasp concepts to life for preschoolers on through elementary students. The DVD is 30 minutes with an additional 30 minutes of bonus features which include an interview with the writer/director and trailers for other Tommy Nelson titles. The DVD can also be put in a computer to access printables, such as coloring pages. This DVD would be a valuable resource for Sunday School and Children’s Ministry, as well as home enrichment and enjoyment!


  1. Oh, seems cute! I have a little brother who is 4; perfect for him!

  2. Hello dearest Bess! Just wanted to stop by to see how my all time fav. sis is doing on this lovely spring afternoon. :)
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