Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Bookish Crafty Pics

As promised, I present my bookish crafty creations...

For the 1st corner bookmark I created I had to stop & start the video quite a bit, but after that it started to get easier... I enjoyed making 'em so much, I created 4! I used scrapbooking paper, rhinestones, paper flowers, charms, & even a safety pin! These are so fun to make!

Here they are in action! Look closely at the orange & purple flower 1 - yep, if you're a super-cool guitar playing gal (not me - I'm just super-cool on my own =) & happened to have a guitar pick nearby) you can store a pick in your bookmark!

Here's my instant book! It really takes about an instant (or minute=) to create! I used heavy embossed scrapbooking paper. I do recommend using scissors to cut your book if your paper is very heavy, embossed, etc.

I created a beaded ribbon bookmark & then taped it to the inside (the inside folds where you make the cut). Simple simple!

I cut out some inspirational quotes & scriptures from a set I had + added some accent with glitter pens.

Using tulle & vellum, I created a lift-up flap for the "hiding place" scripture.

Here's what's under it!

These were such fun! I'll definitely make these again! Love 'em! Have you made any yet?


  1. Those are so neat!! I love the bookmarks. I never thought of that before.


  2. Cuuute!!!! I made a bookmark too and a mini one from origami paper for my school books, and I love it!
    Thanks for sharing the tutorial, Bess!
    Love ya'


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