Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Great Freebie For Mom!

Hi guys! Apparently I can't stop with the Mother's Day posts, but we all love moms, right? Anyways, I just found this out & wanted to share! This would definitely make a sweet gift for all the moms out there! I just hope you all live near a Walgreens...

Get a free 8X10 Collage Print
when you use the coupon code: GOODTHOUGHTS
at (click the PHOTO tab at the top),
& get free shipping when you choose "in-store pickup"!

What you'll need to do is create a Walgreens Photo account (if you don't have 1 already), upload your pictures to your account, create your 8X10 collage print, enter your coupon code, choose "in-store pickup," & place your order. (It should show $0 for the amount owed. No credit card required.=)

Isn't that great! I think this is through May 8th, but I'd say the sooner the better! I love free (to this you should already be aware).

One more quick thing...Michael's Craft Stores are having free/semi-free Mother's Day craft events now until the big day. If you live near a store, check out this link to get a schedule!

May your mom's Mother's Day be great!


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  1. How sweet... I LOVE free! :)

  2. Cool! So just checking again, how did your interview go? I have been thinking about it alot, and hope that it went AWESOME cause you are an AWESOME young lady, and I feel really blessed to know you!!!
    Hope you are having a beautiful day full of spring blessings!
    Sisters In Christ,

  3. I just picked up my FREE collage print. It turned out so cute!
    Can't wait to give it to Mom! Hope lots of you got to take advantage of this!


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