Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Would-Be Entomologist

Bess’ Handy Dictionary Definition
entomologist: a person who studies insects (insects are the ones with 6 legs=)

Those creepy-crawly, six-legged critters God made… They invade during the spring, it seems.
Even fashion isn’t safe!

a Chanel butterfly brooch

Gone Buggy

What I've donned:
white tee - Xhilaration - Target (kids' dept.)
pink/black dress - Jean Paul Gaultier for Target - Target
bug keychain (put on a chain) - gift
black leggings - Walmart
black flats - Crocs - eBay

I L-O-V-E the inspiring fashion collaborations at places like Target. It's likely my only chance to get my hands on some famous designers' creations. I had had my eye on this Jean Paul Gaultier dress for some time. I got it just the other day on clearance for about $10! It was originally $40! Notice the bees & other bugs that splatter the frock.

Madame Butterfly

What I've donned:
thermal tee - The Limited - thrift store
butterfly necklace - ?
leaf print skirt - Calvin Klein - T.J. Maxx
brown leggings - Walmart
colorful flats - vintage - yard sale

-My Entomology Inspired Picks-

Butterfly Statement Necklace - Rue21 - $8.99

Butterfly Tunic Tank - Rue21 - $16.99
This would be cute if paired with a white or colored tee. I heart modesty! =)
Insect Earrings - - $29.99 (pretty pricey, but I wanted to show 'em cause they're not the typical butterfly or ladybug feminine motif)

2 Weird Facts About Bess:
-I don't have pierced ears, so the little gold fellas above wouldn't be an option. I don't have any real desire to get my ears pierced either. It's funny, in most ways I'm pretty girly. I guess I just like the natural ear look. =)

-For my middle school's student career fair I chose to be an entomologist! I had little business cards with butterflies on 'em & I wore a white lab coat! My dad loved studying insects, so I did too, cause I wanted to be just like him - still do!


  1. That's so creative! I love this :)

  2. They're all so cute! Makes me want to go shopping! :D

  3. Thanks for your comments, Amber & Shaynie! I really need a black or maybe pink tee to make the first outfit look its best. I also thought about tying on a sash for a different look. Hmmm...
    Blessings to you gals!

  4. Adore all the jewelry you picked out! I have my ears pierced but wear earrings only a few times a month...I even got them done when I was a baby so that people on the street would stop saying, "HE is such a cute baby!" =P

    I always try to pair a tank top like that with a t-shirt, it's still fashionable but is much more modest!



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