Tuesday, May 4, 2010

That's A Wrap!

Well chosen & thoughtful gifts - store bought or handmade, alike - are simply lovely, but you can make them even more lovelier! How you may ask? It's all in how you wrap it up!

Looking for a unique spin on the old gift wrap? Try these:

  • fabric/quilt
  • tissue paper
  • scarf/bandana
  • rice paper
  • newspaper
  • brown paper bag paper
  • scrapbook paper
  • wall paper

Think the old gift box is, well, square? Sick to death of gift sacks? Try these instead:

Many of these ideas display gifts instead of keeping them under wraps...they also add an extra gift to the mix. Choose tissue paper, fabric, shredded/crinkle cut paper, a good layout scheme, etc. to make the display attractive to the most discerning pair of eyes. =)

  • basket
  • bucket
  • tray
  • wooden crate
  • handbag
  • old cigar box
  • glass jar
  • bowl/plate/etc.
  • tea cup/tumbler/mug/etc.
  • tin
  • planter
-Finishing Touches-

Taking one gift box wrapped in pale off-white tissue paper, lots of ribbon, & more many creations can be derived! Take a look see...& be inspired!

wrap a lace doilie around & secure with a bow

glue or tape on a silk flower

add a piece of vintage bling

add a package of tea in a custom paper

TEA BAG TUTORIAL LINK: http://bessbag.blogspot.com/2010/04/tuesday-tutorial-tea-party-treat-graces.html

have fun with fabric embellishments

use a fine tipped Sharpie to write sweet words on silk petals

stick a feather in your cap (I mean gift)

-Candy Wrappers-

I love most of the colorful packaging candies come in, but sometimes they need a little something extra sweet (not talking extra sugar here)!

tie a bunch of minis in a bundle with a bow & a "sweet" note

my mom's fav chewy milk caramels looked okay in the bag they came in, but now they really look fabulous in a clear plastic treat bag with petals & curly ribbon
Candy Bag How To: Fill clear treat bag ($ Tree) with candy. Fold over top. Punch two holes (right apart from each other) on either side. Write note on silk petals with a thin tipped Sharpie. Punch hole near edge of petals. String ribbon through bag holes & add the petals. Tie in bow. Curl ribbon. Simple Simple!

For more ideas visit "Wrap It Up!" over at "Ruffles & Stuff:"

Lots of Love From Your Sis in Christ,
P.S.: Be sure to check the Mother's Day poll in my sidebar (the one in which I made a typo [sheepish smile=]), as well as the link to send a free American Girl inspired e-card to your mom (afterall, it is Doll Week over at "Iradessa"). I have one more Mother's Day post for today - so come on back by! It should be fun!


  1. What beautiful ideas, Bess! Like I always say, you are SO creative! :)

  2. Thanks for all the neat ideas, Bess! I love all of them! I will have to try some of these somtime:)
    How did your interview go? I hope that it went really well!
    Hope you are having a lovely day, dear friend!
    Sisters In Christ,

  3. Wow, those are such creative ideas! I will definitely try some of them. Thanks for the inspiration, Bess!

  4. You are very creative Miss Bess!!

  5. Beautiful! I am inspired!


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