Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Paper Dolly Fashion

My Lilac Mango Pocket Dress + Drawstring Pocketbook

The wonderful sewing Celine is hosting "Fashion Week For Dolls" this week (ends May 7th), & as I am not very talented in the sewing department, I created a dress for the "Design" category using...paper! That's right, I cut everything (except the tiny "buttons" - I used a decorative hole punch) free form! It reminds me of a paper doll frock!

Be sure to check out the Doll Poll in my sidebar & visit Celine's doll-inspired challenge over at "Iradessa" - you could still whip something up for the competition!

Bess' Doll History

Yes, I was a girl who loved dolls back in the day. I had Barbies, Cabbage Patches, & more. I named one of my dolls Charlotte, because little Laura Ingalls did in one of her books - sadly my Charlotte kept losing one of her legs... My last doll was named Suzanna (I still have her & am saving her for the possibility of one day getting married & being blessed with a little girl) - she's an 18 in. curly blond headed doll. I always loved getting the American Girl doll catalogue, though I never got an 18 in. American Girl doll (pricey). The funny thing about the catalogue was that I signed my doll up to get them, so they would come to "Suzanna [my last name]." My doll loved to get mail! =) Here's another confession: I've seen all the American Girl movies, & have been quite impressed - they all seem to have some spiritual aspect (prayer, etc.). Looking back, dolls are kind of the beginning stages of practicing for the possible blessing of future motherhood. They must certainly have some impact, because if I am ever blessed to be married & have children, I really love the name Felicity for a girl (& Felicity is one of the American Girl characters)!
P.S.: Paper doll-like creations like these could look super cute on cards!

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