Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bess' Summer Style Lookbook: Bright Lights Edition

It’s about time I’ve updated my Spring/Summer Fashion Inspiration Guidebook, don’t ya think… Summer’s slipping past! =)

Bold paint palette’s of vibrant hues are no longer confined to the color wheel…

Runway Inspiration

Thakoon - Spring/Summer 2010

Runway My Way

I'm not exactly sure about these two together, but alas I couldn't find anything more similiar to the runway top in my wardrobe, but it's sorta growing on me...sorta (but I do love Thakoon's look=). These things take time! =) Well, even if I don't wear this combo out in public, I can still don these bright blue pants with other brights or darks!

What I've Donned:

gray sleeveless tank (worn underneath) - Target

billowy sheer paisley print top - Walmart

bright blue pants - Thrifted =)

blue sandals - Khol's (on clearance=)


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  1. Love it! This is a very unique style - I don't know if I'd have the guts to wear it! But I wish I could see your face & hair (hope that doesn't sound weird & odd :) with the whole outfit!

    Hope your day is sparkly & bright (what?!)

    Love ya sis,

    P.S. I went to some of your way previous posts - I love your long hair! So pretty. I bet it's adorable short too :)

  2. Cute! You are so stylish, dear Bess! How are you fairing this lovely (it rained here this morn [while I was swimming of course:)], but now is quite sunny) day? (That was a mouthful:).
    Hope you are having a joyous day full of sweet summery sunshine!
    Know that you are loved!
    Love you lots (and always will),


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