Saturday, July 3, 2010

Purpose in the Wait

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It’s likely that we’ll all have to wait for our possible Prince Charmings to come our way. I mean, who thinks, “Well, this is the time I’d like to meet my future husband – right here & now,” only to have the perfect match run over & plop down beside her while she's munching salad at Subway*? Okay, so we’ll all have to wait. Some of us will have to wait longer or shorter than others…we just can’t all be the same, but God does have the perfect time for each of us.

A few months ago one of the girls in my Sunday school class became engaged & is going to be married very soon. When I first eyed that flashing diamond sitting on her finger, & uttered the typical “oohs,” “ahhhs,” & “I’m so excited for you,” a bit of jealousy began to creep inside my being. You see, this girl was younger than me. Yes, times like these make me question God’s clock quality.
Here’s my side of the conversation: “Is your watch running okay, Lord? How’s the battery? Everything’s going “tick-tock”? Really? Yes, that’s a good one, God, “tick-tock.” You’re one funny Sovereign!” I try to manage a believable laugh, but there’s no fooling Him. God’s side of the conversation (that I don’t always want to hear): “Yes, dear child, everything’s on schedule. It’s just not time yet. I know, I know, you want it to be. But, beloved, I know best. I’ve got the whole picture before me & all you see right now is a few of the pieces. Yes, I know you can’t even figure out how the few you have fit, but they do. You see, Bess, I’ve got plans for you. True amazing plans. If you’re willing to wait on me, you can experience the life I planned. If you find you can’t wait, you’re going to miss out. Bess, you’ll miss out & you’ll get hurt, & all that will hurt me, too. Please, wait. I’m still working & so’s my watch. Yes, sweet one, even when you can’t see I’m working,” He lifts my fallen face, “Keep coming to me when you feel discouraged.” “But, Father,” I utter, “what if that’s all the time?” “I’m always here…&, you know what, Bess? My promise is to always be there.”

So, what are we to do in this wait? Should we sit up in our towers braiding our hair & playing with our stuffed unicorns? I think not! (Even though that does sound fun for a little while.) There’s lots to do, sis! My older sister (I have 2 – this one is closet in age to me) is married & has the sweetest & most active little one-year-old boy ever. Her days of peace & quiet are gone. No longer can she accept every invitation for Bible study or other church programs; she can’t head out for a quiet drive with the Lord whenever she feels the urge; & she can’t always visit a friend in need of encouragement. Her role as wife & mommy has put a sort of halter on her past freedoms. She is no longer solo with no one but God & her parents to answer to. She has new duties to her husband & son. And, don’t get me wrong, this new role is wonderful! In fact, it’s what we’re waiting for…the crazy-amazing love of one man & the family created together! However, if you waste this precious (yes, you heard me right, now I’m calling waiting precious) time of waiting on chasing after ‘stuffed unicorns’ & other such pursuits that have little value you’ll likely regret it.
Yes, there’s lots to do, sis!

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Here are some ideas…

1. Use this time to truly study God’s Word. Learn & uncover the truths to living a godly life by reading the manual! In doing this you will also become a woman who seeks & fears the Lord, & who’s inner beauty shines like diamonds! Find or create some type of regular Bible reading schedule.

2. Become part of a group & foster healthy Christian friendships. Friendship is key to a happy marriage. Creating & fostering these wonderful unions is not only satisfying now in the wait, but can also be helpful for that time after the wait! Start attending a Bible preaching church & Sunday school class regularly (if you don’t already), join a small group study, play on a sport’s team, &/or invite people to church or other activities. Seek out friendships with all types of people. Surprisingly I’ve found some of my greatest friendships during this wait have been with older Christian women.

3. Find out what gifts God has blessed you with. Yes, girl, you have been gifted by your Maker! We all have unique talents or gifts that we do well. There are all kinds of gifts: singing, making people laugh, storytelling, photography, writing, playing an instrument, cooking, crocheting, sewing, inventing, painting, baking, athletics…& those are just a tiny few! Find out what you do above average & what you enjoy doing, then hone in on those skills, practicing them & uncovering ways you can glorify God with your unique talents!

4. Find your servant’s heart within. Use this time when life isn’t completely crazy with packing lunches, paying house bills, getting along with your prince, & crying infants to do for others. Volunteer! Teach a class for kiddies at your church (I do this one!=), help out in the nursery, pray for those on your church’s prayer list + minister/staff & the youth of your church, send cards to shut-ins & others, invite people to your church, etc. Hold doors open for people & smile (yes, people will wonder about you, but that’s a good thing make ‘em wonder what’s different about you & tell them it’s Jesus when the opportunity arises). Share your faith & be an active soldier in the Lord’s army.

5. See the world with God! This is a great one if you have the opportunity to do so. Go on a missions trip, try school abroad, foreign exchange programs, or even find a global pen pal. Your trip could be just somewhere new nearby or half way across the world. There’s nothing like seeing a new land & culture & discovering, yep, God made that, too! There’s something interesting about relying on God in a foreign environment, too. A few years back when I was 20, I had the opportunity to go to Scotland solo with just my Savior, & it was definitely a time of perspective widening!

Finally, in all things ask God to help you grow into the godly woman He has created you to be. Pray for wisdom, for your possible future husband, & for a pure heart. Don’t give in to selfish desires & give the gift (or parts of the gift) of intimacy away before the true party – your wedding! Strive to keep your thoughts & actions on all those “good, lovely, praiseworthy, noble…” things that are truly worth your time. Yes, there is purpose in this wait…that’s why I’m waiting! God is preparing me for my path while I’m busy in this sweet time of ‘wait’!

*(Did you notice I went out of my way to make it healthy? Yes, I’m trying to be a good role model here! And no, I’m not working for Subway.=)?

Here’s a tune I love from the musical Brigadoon (it's set in my favorite Scotland)! I wish I could have found the 1954 film version of the song to show you here, it's the one I love the best. And yes, this song's all about waiting! Thankfully Brigadoon’s timing is not my own. Have you ever seen that show? The people there wake up every 100 years or something! Yep, I’m happy to wait for God’s timing.

And because (as my candid talk with God showed), waiting is not easy...

Love From the Waiting,


P.S.: Oh yeah, I'm truly happy now for the girl in my Sunday school class & have given my jealousy over to my Heavenly Father to dispose of. Waiting is tough, but remember God is always there & He has not forgotten you or the desires of your heart. I know it's easier said than done, but worthwhile things are rarely simple. Press on!


  1. I love this post Bess. You are a wonderful writer!! :) Thanks for all the great encouragement you give from these posts!

    Sophie :)

  2. Awesome, encouraging, inspiring post! I'm praying to be able to wait patiently :)
    Bess, I've got a question about talents. How do we find out what our God-given talents are? I know that there are some things I can do well that I really enjoy, so are those the things He wants me to use to honour Him with?

    With love,

  3. These are so great Bess! Gives me such great ideas.
    Sweet Blessings,

    P.S. I love that last song. Oh, and I would love to go to Scotland. What did you go there for?

  4. Thanks for all your comments, girls! They always make me happy inside to know that Christ is using something I write to bless you! Annie, yes those things you do exceptionally well & truly enjoy are most likely your gifts. You may also have some gifts you aren’t even aware of yet. Uncovering them can be a sort of experimental process in some ways. Try things that you feel you are interested in, enjoy, what others say you do well, etc. & see how you do with them. Do you feel led in the direction of whatever you’re trying out? Do you find you have a real knack for it? Then, that just may be another area in which God has given you a special talent! Our teenage & young adult single years are a great place to uncover these special abilities & talents & then use them to serve the Lord. Here’s an example: one elderly lady at my church always fixes a casserole, or pie, or some other yummy thing for any family that’s in a hard time. That’s one of her…& she’s using it to glorify the One who gave it to her. There are all sorts of gifts God has given! Hope that helps ya! If you need more info feel free to let me know! =)

    Love to Everybody,


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