Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Purity & Romance Month Official End

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Drum roll… Here it is, the official closing ceremonies =) of Purity & Romance Month here at Bess’ Bag! I have to say it seems like it’s been a long winding journey, but I’m sad to see it go. However, because you girls loved these posts so much =), I’ve decided to continue to let more of these type posts pop up (like bright little flowers to cheer you on this road of wait) every now & again. So, it’s goodbye, but not goodbye forever.
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I want to take a moment to say, to all my beautiful readers & sisters-in-Christ, how blessed I feel when I read all your kind thoughtful comments! I’m incredibly grateful that Christ can use this too often stumbling daughter for something good. It is only through Him that anything here has any value. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the sweet little messages you’ve left here letting me know that something has blessed, encouraged you, or made you feel not so alone. That is such an encouragement to me! I love you all, dear sisses, & you all have a spot in my prayers! =)

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The amazing Amber, one of my beloved sisters in the Lord, wrote a simply beautiful short story on the theme of purity & waiting. I so hope you’ll check it out (click the link below) on her newest blog, “Noble Notions” – the story is titled, Until I Say ‘I Do’. Thanks, Amber, it is such a sweet bit of writing. I love it!


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Lastly, I want to invite you all, as it is the official farewell to Purity & Romance Month, to take some time & decide whether you want to make a personal pledge to remain pure in mind, body, & soul – saving yourself for marriage & striving to maintain pure thoughts & actions. No, I didn’t create some generic form for you all to fill out, but I encourage each of you to reflect & come up with your own pledge – just for you (if you so choose, which it is my earnest prayer (for you) that you do=). If you decide to join with me, & make a commitment to yourself & your Heavenly Father God, I invite you to leave a comment with your name, or if you feel like sharing, your name plus your pledge would be great, too. Whatever you decide to do, I pray that some of these posts over the last month (& some of this month=) have been a blessing & encouraged you to think about God’s plans for you in this special area of your life! Remember, whether you are remaining vigilant in your long held stance, just starting out on this road with still some uncertainty, or reclaiming your lost purity today…God has a plan for you. Whether it involves the love of a man or not, His love is the greatest you will ever find. He most certainly knows all those desires that bump around in your heart & He will take care of you. After all, He understands you better than any boyfriend or man ever will! Trust Him to take care of you: what you’ll do in this life (yes, Bess, or should I say Miss Jobless=), where you’ll live, & whom you’ll love. Trust Him with your heart…after all, He formed every bit of it, Himself.

Love You All Lots,

P.S.: Sorry to report there will be no Tuesday Tip or Tutorial today. I’ve got a new July/summer schedule planned. I’ll hopefully get more to you on that soon! =)

Bess’ Pledge:

I will commit, from this moment forward (July 6, 2010), my utmost to keeping a pure mind, body, & heart. I will fight the temptations that seem to be conspicuously paraded in this life. I will battle the devil’s snares bravely with the Lord always before me, as my King & army general. I will strive to be a godly young woman who waits patiently & happily for her possible future Prince Charming/Warrior/Knight-In-Shining-Armor/Hero. =) I will not merely sit around & wait for my possible earthly man, but actively do God’s will & live His adventure. (I can’t wait to live more of it!) In all this I will seek to become a godly woman who is beautiful in the sight of the Lord (& my future mate=). While I am striving to be God’s best – His winsome princess - I will pick myself up when I make mistakes & utterly fail, knowing that Jesus’ blood washes me clean again, if I but earnestly ask for it. In all these, I will maintain prayer for all to be done as listed above. My God guide me always!

P.S.: I've come a long way from chasing a man down in my car & falling for an ungodly guy on public transportation! =) (Me talking to myself, "Oh, Bess...")
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I'm looking for the one with the right key, who I can serve God with...


  1. Thanks, Bess for the encouraging post!
    I, Grace S., hereby pledge that from this day forward, I will follow The Path of Purity, and before I am wed, my heart will be held in the palm of my Heavenly Father's, and I am placing myself under the protection of my earthly father until my wedding day. I will, with God's help, wait patiently and with a cheerful heart for my future Prince; and during my time of waiting, I will seek after God's will.
    I also thank the Lord for the many young women who have inspired me to personally stand up for purity!
    Soli Deo Gloria, and may the Lord guide us in the light of His footsteps forever!

    Love you lots, dear sis!
    P.S. These are the words from a hymn that I learned in school:

    "God will take care of you, through everyday or all the way, He will take care of you
    God will take care of you."

    They reminded me of your post!

  2. I love that knowledge that God formed every single bit of my heart. It's so sweet.

    Right now, I Amber Noella pledge on July 6, 2010 to stay pure in body, mind, and spirit. To be beautiful and pleasing in the sight of God. To make HIM above all else my one and only True Love. My King. I commit myself to Him - and forever until He brings along my prince. I will wait patiently and actively. After all, True Love WAITS. I will remain prayerful for my future husband and remain faithful to him in this waiting period. And my heart will forever be God's alone,...until I say 'I Do'.

    Love you Bess! I am so grateful that you had this purity/romance month. It has not only encouraged me, but countless other young women. I know we all desire to be godly young women.
    Can't wait for future posts & all the plans you have for July.

    Sweet Blessings friend,
    Amber Noella

    P.S. Thank you a million for linking to me. When I read it, I almost cried!

  3. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts and opinions on courtship, purity, etc. Thank you for taking the time to share with us, girl!


  4. Bess, thank you so much for having purity month, it was a wonderful encouragement. Thank you for the giveaway too! I got the package and your sweet note. I wish I could see you so I could give you a big hug! =D



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