Monday, July 5, 2010

Tokens of Purity

From my June poll, I see some of you are still uncertain about purity rings. Let's see if I can give you a quick refresher course: purity jewelry (rings are the most common form) are worn to remind the wearer of her/his commitment to staying abstinent (saving sex for marriage) & remaining pure (striving to keep clean & pure thoughts & actions). They can also show all those the wearer comes in contact with of her/his pledge to remain pure. Some girls' parents present them with purity jewelry, some ask their parents for a purity ring or other piece, & still others buy the tokens of promise themselves. I fall in the latter category (though my mom would have been more than happy to buy one for me, I wanted to purchase my ring on my own - it made it seem a little more my commitment). Some of us girls (& guys could do this, too, of course) wear purity rings on our wedding ring finger. When the right man comes along, we'll allow him to slip off our purity ring & replace it with the real thing: a wedding ring. Or think how beautiful it would be to present your husband with your purity ring on your wedding day! Here's a funny story for ya: I purchased my ring in the summer, & the first day back to college I had the sweet little wrap of silver on my wedding ring finger. Some of my friends began to talk quietly with each other. I didn't think anything of it until one of them came up to me & asked, "Did you get married over the summer?" in an excited tone. =) Now, that would have been the perfect moment to share about my commitment, but you know what? I didn't. I just said "Oh, no. No." And mumbled, "It's just a ring." How sad is that! That could have been the perfect moment to be a witness for Christ & His plan for purity! I'm so glad we serve a merciful Savior...& that He gives us second, third, fourth...chances! I encourage each of you (with me=) to be bold & take those opportunities & nudgings God gives us to share His truth & love.

Okay, on to the witnessing jewelry, itself! All these can be purchased through (a great online source for Christian books & more - I've purchased many things from them in the past). Lovely purity jewelry can be found in every price range! NOTE: The price for each can be found directly below the item.


True Love Waits Flower Ring $8.99

True Love Waits Wrap Ring $25.99

Simple & True Purity Ring $7.99

I Will Wait Ring $7.99

True Love Waits Floral Vine Ring $11.99

Faithful to My Beloved Ring $32.99

True Love Waits Letter Ring $15.99

Don't Awaken Love... Ring $28.99


Gold Lock & Key Charm Necklace $6.99

Hearts Necklace $12.99

Purity Pendant Necklace $9.99

Philippians Purity Necklace $7.99

Purity Ring on Chain Necklace $6.99


True Love Waits Bracelet $7.99

True Love Waits Floral Cuff $9.99


  1. Lovely! I started wearing my purity ring in October 2009 - it was some one's and they gave it to me because I guess they didn't want it. I wore it because I agreed with the whole message thing. I wore it around people, but then took it off when I was alone (mostly because it was uncomfortable). But then, it became very real to me. I started wearing it with a meaning. No longer just for show. It was a commitment. A symbol. I haven't taken it off in 9 months! And I know we don't need it in order to stay pure, but it's a great reminder & a great witness.

  2. I'm incredibly bummed, a couple of days ago I dropped my ring on the floor by accident, and it broke! *sob*

  3. Now that you've started this topic, I hope it's alright if I add my 2 cents :)

    I started wearing a ring on the 3rd finger on my right (not left) hand in May 2009, but decided to make it a purity ring a few months later (I can't remember exactly when :P). It's a little gold signet ring with a heart in the middle, so it doesn't really look like a traditional purity ring. It reminds me that I belong to God and to my future husband (Lord willing) and to think, speak and behave accordingly. I think these rings are a great idea!

    God bless.

  4. I can't wait to get a purity ring! And it'll be totally awesome giving it to my future husband on our wedding day (if marriage is God's plan for me), sooo romantic :)


  5. I am getting a purity ring for my 15th b/day in November. I really can't wait. =D


  6. I've been wanting to get a purity ring for a while now and my mom and I found a really beautiful one that I loved but we haven't gotten yet :) Ohhh... I LOVE the idea of giving it to my future husband and him replacing it with the real thing!! Like Annie said, so romantic ;)

    Love in Christ,


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