Tuesday, September 29, 2015

10 Blog Topics for October

Need more blogging/journaling prompts once Blog-tember ends?  Try these 10 ideas...

1. What's something that scares you?  How do you deal with your fear?

2. What do you love to do, eat, attend, experience, celebrate, etc. in the fall?

3. Share a favorite childhood memory.  Go ahead, get nostalgic!

4. Which do you prefer: snail mail or modern technology methods {texts, e-mails, etc.}?  Why?

5. Describe autumn using only colors, smells, sounds, &/or textures.

6. Choose a favorite Bible verse & tell why/how it speaks to you.

7. Choose a favorite song & tell why/how it speaks to you.

8. Share a favorite fallish recipe or DIY.

9. What has surprised you about your life so far?

10. Create a list of random acts of kindness you'd like to try.

Writing Love,


  1. Glad I found your blog again, slipped by last blogtember but forgot to follow. It's been good to read your posts again :)


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