Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Best Day{s} Ever!

Best Day Ever

Thinking about the ideal day is like taking all of the happy thoughts & getting coated in enough pixie dust to fly to the moon Peter-Pan-style.  In my book, there are the "biggie" best days ever & then the "regular old" best days ever.  Here's a few from my dream box...

The "Biggies"...
  • the day I was baptized & Jesus came into my heart, washed me clean, gifted me with the Holy Spirit, & made me whole
  • the day I made my first solo trip & watched how God granted me a desire of my heart in that {down to the smallest detail} 
  • the day{s} I held my baby nephews for the 1st time
  • spending precious time with special people {vague, but true}
The Yet-to-Be "Biggies"...
  • the day I hear "I love you" from the one I love
  • the day I marry my best friend & we kiss, kiss, kiss
  • the day I get to tell that best friend we're gonna be a mommy & a daddy
  • the someday I get to hold my own baby in my arms
  • the day I move out of my apt. & into a house
  • the day I get published & see my book in a bookstore
  • the day Jesus returns & takes us home {best day ever}
The "Regular Oldies"...
  • a day with cheery snail mail
  • a day opened {& filled with} prayer
  • any day with twinkle lights &/or festive buntings
  • days with hugs from little ones
  • any day with fresh flowers
  • a day an Anthropologie catalogue is waiting inside my mailbox
  • a day when the perfect song comes on the radio at just the right moment & you know it's a "God-thing"
  • days when my eyes see the blessings & count em up & write em down with thanksgiving on my lips & heart
What's on the itinerary for your best day{s} ever?

Much Love,


  1. Ahh, I've missed your blog! This is such a creative way to share your "ideal" day by sharing your "biggies", your not-yets, and your "regular oldies"(but goodies!). Beautiful list!

  2. This is such a lovely list, Bess!

    It is so amazing how God gives us little reminders that He's always there, like the perfect song or quote showing up just when we need it. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the take you took on this! So many wonderful moments.


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