Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Real Life Vs. Online

Real Life Vs. Online

There's something about the Internet - the one-sidedness of this unique realm - that lends itself to falsities.  Or, at least, incomplete truths.  We can upload the best of our days, tweak the mediocre into the stunning & newsworthy, Photoshop the unattractive parts of our world, & completely leave out anything remotely messy or harsh.

The Web can become a compare snare.  But, really, if we're all comparing each other's incomplete truths that put on the fancy & leave off the ragged & we're all masked by the one-sidedness of what we meticulously choose to share, are we all that different - or that much the same?

Sure, I don't share all the nitty-gritty of my life on my blog - there's a time & place for everything, & this little World Wide Web that's glue has the potential to catch & hold any unwise uploads forever, isn't it for some things.  But, I pray that though I share a lot of the pretty {cause we need some lovely in this dark world}, I never forget to listen to God's nudgings to share some of the sloppy jeans & t-shirt everydayness & the hard & painful, too.  Because, it is when we share some deep truths that we discover we are all the same.

Love from the Infinitely Imperfect,

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