Monday, September 21, 2015

That Faith Step {+ Free Printable}

Sometimes you just gotta take that first scary step into the unknown, trusting God will be with you.  It isn't easy, but if you seek after His path for your life, it will be more than okay.  It will.

This all makes me think of the scene in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade where Indiana must take that "leap of faith."  Take a look...

Love & Faith,

P.S.: Feel free to snag the Martin Luther King, Jr. quote printable by clicking on the image & right clicking to save the image to your computer {or copy & paste}.  Open in a word document, resize if necessary, & print.

CONDITIONS OF USE: My printables are free for personal use only.  Feel free to share them on Pinterest provided you credit & link back to {Bess' Bag}.  If you want to blog about these printables, or share a project you created using them, it would be fabulous, just be sure to credit & link back to {Bess' Bag} (feel free to use 1 or 2 of my photos, but please don't share the actual printable on your site - just add a link to it).  Thanks & enjoy!

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  1. That's a great quote and the video matches so well! What a scary thing at times, to take that first step. But God is so faithful to lead us!


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