Monday, September 7, 2015

What's In a Name?

Behind My Blog's Name

When I was brand-spanking new to the blogging world & decided to dive in & create one myself, I was faced with every blogger's dilemma: What to call my blog?  I didn't have a specific niche in mind at that point {not that I necessarily have one now} =), so I decided to just think up a simple name, with plans to change it in the future.  I knew I would fill my little internet space with things I love - which made me think of the saying, "That's my bag!"  You know, like when a crazy cat lady proclaims, "Cats are my bag!" or a skater says, "Vans are my bag!"? =) Bess' Bag was born!  However, the name stuck, reader's liked it, & though I've thought of changing it up once or twice in the five years since I started, nothing ever seemed to fit my mixed bag of thoughts quite like Bess' Bag.

Blogging Love,

P.S.: Thanks for hanging out with me here at Bess' Bag!


  1. I love that...Bess' Bag - of tricks! of thoughts! of love! of words!!! I'll have to check out other posts you have in your Bag!!

  2. I never head that expression before "____ is my bag", but love that it is a fun way to share the "mixed bag" of topics on your blog. I think it's a feminine and sweet name


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