Thursday, September 10, 2015

10 Bucket List Items

Bucket List Adventure
  • explore an abandoned house
  • swim in a fountain
  • grow a successful {blooming/growing} garden
  • add some more stamps to my passport
  • solve a mystery
  • learn to cook {well}
  • wait {& live for Him in the now} for God’s best
  • get a book published
  • read through the whole Bible
  • be God's girl in this {crazy} world {daily/lifelong goal}
What's on your list?

Bucket List Love,


  1. Hmmm, explore an abandoned house...that sounds pretty fun. I got to peek inside some long-abandoned ruins on an island we visited recently-- I love the mystery about places like that!

    1. That sounds amazing! I love mysterious places, too! =)

  2. "Solve a Mystery!" OMG. You have totally reached my inner Nancy Drew/Sherlock! This has always been one of those secret little things I've dreamed of! :D

    1. I absolutely love Nancy Drew! Yes, in my younger years I totally wanted to be her {maybe I still do}. Shhh!


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