Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bess' Bag {In Pictures}

This is Bess' Bag in tiny captured moments.

It's my hope that this little URL is a place that is full of inspiration, encouragement, hope, & most of all Jesus.

From DIY ideas, profound & un-profound thoughts {any of the profound ones are from Jesus & any of the latter ones are from me - oh, & rambles}, ministering music, style ideas, advice for the college girl, book reviews, random random-ness, & life as this imperfect, forgiven girl seeks to live it for her perfect God...

This is Bess' Bag.  Welcome, friend.



  1. Hi Bess! Nice job with your mood board, it's so fun to see everyones :) Yours looks very tumblr-esque, love it!! I hope to see more of your posts throughout Blogtember :)


    1. Thanks for your sweet words, Adrianna! The photos in the collage are actually all taken from the blog.



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