Saturday, September 19, 2015

One Favorite Day {A Letter of Sorts}

Dear December 2nd,

Dear December 2, 2014,

You came like any other day.  Chilly & - okay, down right cold...  I had planned you as a typical Tuesday.  I wasn't expecting much from you.  In fact, I confess {with a blush}, at first I thought you were quite ordinary.  

At 7:09 PM I somewhat nervously sent a little 27 word {including my closing greeting & name} e-mail to a then unknown guy on a Christian dating website.  Yes, I know, I had said I'd never go on one of those {again}.  And, yes, you're right, I don't like to be the first one to reach out.  But, this guy's profile really caught my eye.  From his words, he seemed to genuinely love & seek after Christ & wanted Him to be the center of any relationship.  So, I hit send at 7:09.  Oh, dear 12/2/14, I honestly didn't expect anything to come of you!

Getting ever closer to the end of you, at 10:48 PM, a reply landed in my inbox!  I very nervously read over his 113 sweet words + a smiley face.  {Yes, it's weird that I did a word count & know the precise time {but it's pretty easily done in the digital age}, & what do you care?  It doesn't get must stranger than writing to a calendar date, anyhow.}

I still did not know, as you quietly melted into the next day in the quiet of those early hours, that you were a very special day.  It takes perspective sometimes, I guess.  But, now, looking back on you December 2, 2014 from the day of September 19, 2015, I know it.  You are special.  You are a favorite day.  After countless e-mails, then phone calls, then visits & adventures, then a "yes" to be his girlfriend, sweet days & hard ones, too...  Yes, you are right & wise in your aged-ness, I still don't know what the future days hold or if they will be as sweet as you were, but I hope.  And, yes, I know, God does, indeed, hold all my days in His hands.

Thank you, December 2, 2014, for being a sweet surprise I could have never planned.


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