Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Driving Myself Crazy (Literally)

..Purity & Romance Month Kickoff..

Okay, so here I was, I had purposefully missed the turnoff to my street, & was following Nancy Drew-style, the car in front of me all because of a guy & what appeared to be a scuba diving sticker. Hold it! Rewind! I’m not making since, am I? Let me start at the beginning…

It all started a few months ago at work. My little part-time job takes me to different places around my city – it’s a wherever they need me kinda thing. At one of the places a red-headed guy caught my eye. I’m not sure the exact moment it happened or if it was even on the first visit, but eventually I had the makings of a major crush on this guy.

Now, my jobs at this place happened to become more & more frequent, but my position gave me no major reason to introduce myself to this guy or anything like that, but I kept thinking, “Could this be the one?” I found myself praying about it, “If it was God’s will then let it be…& please help me with these feelings, Father.” At my age – early twenties & recently out of college, with no feeling of being closer to the marriage altar than a cow in pink polka dot pajamas – I’ve begun to wonder, “Is this the one, Lord?” every time I meet a new male. Yes, I know, crazy right? Anyhow, I REALLY thought my red-headed knight in shining armor was the one…even though we had only shared a couple words & I doubt he even knew my name. Yes, even crazier I know. I didn’t even know this guy, but I had found out a few little snippets of info on him (to keep the extent of my craziness a mystery I won’t share how I unearthed these details=). One major clue I learned was that he scuba dived in his spare time…isn’t that just like him! =) Oh, wait, I hardly know the fellow. Well, craziness like this can lead you to do crazy things. Back to the main thoroughfare…

So on my way home from work, when I spotted what appeared to be a little scuba diving character on the bumper in front of me & I casually looked & saw what appeared to be red hair peeking out from behind the driver’s seat…I did what any normal love-struck girl would do – NOT – I followed him. I’m not sure what I was exactly thinking…what this would do to make this would-be knight mine…how long I would follow him…or anything. A mile or so after I missed my turnoff, it hit me: What am I doing? Is this the kind of man God has in store for me, someone that I have to sneakily follow to get to notice me? Do I want to be a girl who chases after guys, literally? Am I that desperate for love & attention? What about my Heavenly Father who provides me with all the love & attention I need? Do I chase after Him like this…am I willing to go the extra mile to find Him – the true King of my heart? Am I letting God be the King of my heart or am I dethroning Him for some imperfect male who doesn’t even know my name? These countless questions led me to create Purity & Romance month here at Bess’ Bag. This June we’ll look at these questions & more, search out the truth, & celebrate purity & romance God’s way…the best way…no car chases necessary (NOTE: I maintained the speed limit in my silly pursuit=). Now that it’s summer, my part-time job is over & I’ll likely never see my would-be-prince charming again, but I know God’s plans (& timing) are best.

Love (From the Sometimes Crazy),

1 Corinthians 13:7,8Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

June posts from here on out will be almost 100% concerning purity & romance...I'll probably work in at least one Nancy Drew post for Grace's Nancy Drew reading event (click the black & white book cover in my sidebar)...I think Miss Drew was a great role model for modesty & purity! Be sure to check back later this evening for my Tuesday Tip (yep, it's about purity & romance=), head over anytime this month to "chat" at the "Girl Talk" page found under my header (at top of blog) & share your thoughts on waiting, + listen to love songs all June long...some songs are to our Heavenly Father, while others concern human love (sometimes it's hard to tell which song is which) - I couldn't help adding in a few romantic Disney favorites & more, too! I've got lots of fun planned for this month, so come back soon!


  1. Bess, I know what you mean about thinking every male you meet that catches your eye is "the one". Been there!

    But you don't know how amazing it is for me to know I'm not the only silly one with that thinking.

    I loved how you said that when God gives us that desired love, why we don't chase after Him. Well thank you for saying that--I needed it.

    Love and Blessings,

    P.S. Have I told you lately how much I love and enjoy your blog? Because if I haven't, I do!

  2. Oh, yes, I am only thirteen too young to think of marriage, but it is never too young to keep yourself pure! I have realized that you do not JUST keep yourself physically pure, but emotionally as well! I am so glad that you are hosting the purity and romance month!!!! We need more Godly young girls who are pure and clean!
    Sis's in Christ,

  3. Thanks so much for your comments, girls...& for enduring my crazy post! Your thoughts mean so much to me, too!
    Love Always,


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