Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial: Origami Butterfly

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Well, we’ve already established the fact that I like to think about blissful weddings on occasion. All the details, trimmings: floral, paper, satin, tulle – just spark my crafty heart & make me burst forth with song – well, I don’t go that far (this isn’t a Disney movie ya know). Of course, there’s also the romantic part of a wedding that thrills me, because I’ve yet to experience it as a bride. After all the fittings, invitations, showers, thank-you's, seating arrangement maneuvers, cake tasting (& all the other “important” stuff)…the main reason for a wedding is love shared between one man & one woman, & the choice & commitment for the happy couple to love each other as long as they live. Ah, how romantic is that? And even with all the beauty of the love & surroundings of that day, just think how much more beautiful it will be to present yourself in the lovely glow of purity to your husband…having never been with another, having never shared the intimacies God ordained for marriage. Now, that is true romance! I feel a Disney song coming on…

In today’s tutorial I’ve got a video on how to create an origami butterfly from this amazing paper-folding guy. I think these little flutter-bys would look so charming on a wedding cake. CONFESSION: I have a notebook where I write down little thoughts on things I’d like in my own wedding one day (if God has such a plan for me) - & this idea’s in there! But, as I wait for that special possibility, I think this dainty creation looks great on my Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls for one. =)


P.S.: Fold up a bunch of these butterflies to create a mobile (string onto a clothes hanger), or glue one side of the butterfly on cardstock to make a 3-D greeting. You could also attach one to wire & use in a bouquet. See what else you can come up with…& remember to joyfully wait – God’s got great plans; I mean great plans! There's purpose in these single years; we'll get to that soon. =) (I used an approximately 3 in. square to create the small butterfly on my Little Debbie snack - & yes, I know they're not nutritionally the most sound. It’s all in moderation!=)


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