Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MFW Day 2: Flower Girl

“The grass withers & the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever.” –Isaiah 40:8

Don’t you just love that? The truth will always stand; God’s love will always be there – unmerited & unearned. I have to confess, I’ve thought a lot about flowers…bouquets, to be precise. I’ve yet to receive a dozen red roses wrapped up in tissue paper, a bunch of cheerful daisies, or any bit of carefully arranged flora from a guy. I can’t even recall receiving a straggly piece of clover on the playground; maybe I’m suffering from a young form of dementia & can’t recall. =) Anyways, the truth is, those lovely expensive bouquets that make us girls go weak in the knees won’t last forever. Yes, no matter how carefully you water & prune, eventually those flowers are going to lose their petals, droop over, & fall. I’m so glad God’s sweet words will always be. He won’t go change on us, like some guys who give us roses one day & a message ending the whole thing the next. God loves us & we don’t even have to get dressed up, paint our faces, or splash on perfume. I think that’s why I’ve always loved wildflowers & the flowers that just seem to sprout up over the path – I like to think of those as small sweet tokens from my first love…my truest true love…my Father God, who will be forever.

*Note: I hope it doesn't look like I'm wearing some low top (underneath). I think it just might look that way in the photo (maybe it only looks that way to me), but I promise it's quite respectable. =)

What I've Donned:

*Linen Camisole (Worn Underneath) - ?; it doesn't have a tag - yard sale

*Beaded/Embroidered Sheer Top - Hollister - thrift store

*Shorts - Caribbean Joe - Walmart

*Pink Mules - Island Club - Walmart or somewhere like that / can't remember

*Petal Pusher Bag - created it myself (you can find the tutorial here: http://bessbag.blogspot.com/2010/03/tuesday-tutorial-petal-pusher-bag.html)

*Silk Flower Corsage Bracelet - ? - yard sale (I got it for free. They told me to just take it!=)


  1. I LOVE that bracelet! Aren't yard sales wonderful?

    Very cute outfit...



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