Wednesday, June 30, 2010

P & R Month Update

Hey girls! I thought I would be all through with my Purity & Romance month by the last day of June...but I’m not! I still have a few more posts I want to share with you all. When I polled you gals on your favorite posts my Purity & Romance ones won out with the most votes, so we’ll just say that’s why I’m bringing P & R month into the first part of July (sadly, the truth is I just got very busy & ran out of time – I’m just not able to squeeze it all in there). So, for the first few days of July, I’ll be wrapping up Purity & Romance month…& don’t worry, since you all like these so much I’ll be sure to fit some more of these type posts in the future. One more thing, thank you BIG time & majorly for all your kind & thoughtful comments! My busyness has made it hard to respond to all your notes, but I appreciate ‘em tons. I LOVE when you share stuff with me & let me know a particular something blessed you or made you laugh, etc. I am SO blessed to have all you girls – my sisters-in-Christ – in my life! You’re such blessings & I think you’re all beautiful! Yes, you!

Love From the Frazzled & Busy,

P.S.: Hopefully more posts tomorrow! July could possibly be just as romantic a month as June. =)
P.P.S.: I wonder what did possess me to share my diary? What was I thinking?!


  1. So glad you're not ending it so soon! Can't wait till tomorrow, Bess!
    Sweet Blessings,

    P.S. I'm glad you shared your diary - I'm sure a lot of girls were able to relate to some of your feelings, etc.

  2. I'm glad you shared your diary! It was brave of you, and very encouraging to me.

  3. Hey Bess!

    I ran into your blog only recently, (so I didn't even realise R&P month was on!) but I'm excited that you're going to write more on the topic, because I really enjoy reading them :) They are really encouraging. You shared your diary?? Wow, I'm going to have to go back and read that!

    With love,


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