Monday, June 28, 2010

Love Isn’t A “Battlefield,” The Mind Is

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Some weird 80s song (the retro secular hit “Love Is a Battlefield”) tells us love is like some sort of war zone? I personally don’t get it…&, furthermore, don’t think real love (that God-intended great stuff) is meant to be like combat. So, you can put up your camo gear now girls (Oh, wait, is that a current trend (Bess rolling her eyes at herself)? Well, maybe keep it handy…just in case.). You know where I think the battle truly rages? The mind. Yes, that brain God gave you that just won’t stop thinking about all sorts of stuff…the good, the bad, & sometimes the ugly. You know, culture & even sometimes church tells us that the guys are the ones who struggle with keeping pure thoughts. Remember that Bible verse I used in another post? Let me refresh your mind: (Jesus speaking here) “You have heard that it was said, ‘You must not be guilty of adultery.’ But I tell you that if anyone looks at a woman [or man] & wants to sin sexually with her [or him], in his [or her] mind he [or she] has already done that sin with the woman [or man].” Here’s honesty for you, we females can be just as guilty about this as the guys, even though they may be wired in a way that makes ‘em stronger targets for this sin. In the year 2010 it is so uber-hard for guys & girls not to fall into this trap – for one, the media shows us all sorts of impure things like it’s nothing (yes, & often they even celebrate it – ughh!). So, guarding of the mind is just as important for purity, as is guarding of the heart. Do you know this verse? “Finally, [sisters=], whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.” Philippians 4:8. Even thinking about such lovely things as your future prince, or pure things as your future possible wedding day can get out of hand if you’re not careful. So, how do we guard our minds? Here’s some practical advice from your big (to most of you=) sis, Bess:

1. Don’t watch or read, etc. material that makes your mind wander.

2. Read (can be watch, too) pure & praiseworthy materials. Your Bible is a great place, of course. You might also try a devotional, Christian fiction, or faith-based flick.

3. Pray for God’s wisdom & help to guide you. Let your Heavenly Daddy know you want to keep your mind pleasing & pure.

If you feel your mind going to impure thoughts…

4. Pray! Ask God to help you fight this. If your thoughts have become impure ask for His forgiveness.

5. Get out some “noble, pure, admirable, praiseworthy…” book or movie to take your mind off your thoughts.

6. Take a walk…& remember Jesus is beside you. Talk to Him in your mind about stuff.

7. Listen to some Christian music & praise.

8. Get involved with some family stuff. Go play with your siblings or get a board game going with your folks.

9. Go outside & do something active.

10. Call a friend or relative who always makes you feel better &/or who you can encourage.

Whatever you do, don’t sit still & let those thoughts have time to consume much oxygen. It doesn’t take much for them to find your mind’s center stage!

Love Ya,


  1. Awesome Bess, as always! I wanted to tell you that a few people requested I sing that song - it is recorded, but I am trying to upload it onto my computer--I don't know if I need any spcial divice. Do you know? Any way, please pray that it works - I really want it to!

    Love ya,

    P.S. You didn't pressure me at all by requsting I sing =)

  2. Thanks for the encouraging post (as well as all of your sweet comments as well;), dear sis!!!
    Praying for your interview to-morrow, dearest Bess!!! I know you will do an excellent job, and you are in the palm of God's hands!!! I know that waiting for the right job is really hard, but I also know that the Lord has a divine plan for your life!!!
    You are a great sister in Christ, and I feel immensely blessed to call you my friend and sis!!!
    Love you lots, dear Bess!
    With lots and LOTS of love from your lil' Sis in Christ,

  3. That is great advice. I struggle with this actually... thank you for posting Bess! It is very helpful :).


  4. Thanks for the wise advice, big sis! This blog is definitely fits the definition of tip #2 :) Thank you for the encouragement!

    With love,
    (lil sis) Annie


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