Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial: The Charmed Romantic Clutch

Just wait till you hear what this sweet little clutch is made from! It come to moi one day at brunch as I was eating a chocolate-covered strawberry & happened to lower my glance down to the lovely placemat upon which my gilded porcelain plate sat…okay, so that’s not how it happened at all…it happened at the Dollar Tree (my fav muse of a shop). When I picked up the fancy brocade-looking placemats at my local dollar store I knew I was holding the makings of a great bag…

Here’s What You Need
-1 fabric placemat
-sewing machine & thread (or needle & thread)
-decorations (I used ribbons, buttons, & charms)
-snaps (you could use metal sew-in snaps, Velcro, or even a zipper)
-hot glue gun (optional)
-felt (optional)

What To Do
Figure out how you want your clutch to look. For example: How big? How big of a flap do you want?

Once you’ve figured that out, fold it to how you want it, & sew along the sides. You can try to trace one of the stitch lines already on the placemat or just stitch down the side.

Sew in your snaps. CONFESSION: I haven’t added any type of closure to my bag yet!

Decorate your clutch. I used ribbons to create ruffled flowers, &, here’s another CONFESSION: I hot glued my flowers to a slightly smaller piece of felt, & then hot glued that to the flap of my clutch. I also added a bit of braided thread, on which I strung a charm bead + buttons that I added some metal rings & pink thread to. I then hot glued each thread end behind each flower.

Ta da! What an utterly charming romantic bag for an evening out…whether you have a date or not! =) I love that this clutch is nice & roomy, & you don’t even have to worry about a lining, since most fabric placemats feature fabric on each side! They’re good enough to eat on! =) I’m not sure if I’m completely done with mine or not…I might add more…hmmm…I’m not quite certain!


  1. Absolutely enchanting! I love it!


  2. How's my dear sis fairing to-day?

    Absolutely wonderful tutorial, my dear Bess!!! So clever! Thanks for sharing. I LOVE IT!!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Love and prayers from your lil' sis in Christ,


  3. That is so cute! The fabric is beautiful. =)


  4. Hiya, Bess! Thanks for the sweet comment! You are an amazing sister!
    Hope all is well this lovely summer day!
    With lots of love from your sis in Christ,

  5. Hi!

    Thank you thank you thank you for all the tips for an interview and all. I hope you get your job according to God's plan.

    I have had like a tiny bit experience with those certain qualities. Like speaking with eye contact, speaking about myself, etc. I'm certain God used those times to prepare me.

    Yes, I read the Sparrow book the day I got your package...it was so cute & true!

    Okay, I will talk to you soon! Love ya,

    P.S. I LOVE this post!


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