Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Love Notes

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A sweet little bundle tied with a red silk ribbon…that’s what comes to mind when I think “love notes.” The mind goes to the one who penned them & the one they were penned for – I can imagine all sorts of romanticized notions of forlorn lovers & broken hearts mended by a sweet & pure word written down on paper with ink that bleeds into the very heart…or a unique verse written for a someone special that releases the secret feelings to the universe. But, what about writing love notes to someone you’ve never met? That’s today’s tip! Write a love note to your future possible husband. I’m not talking anything crazy (like I wrote about in the last post=), just a simple writing down of your thoughts & prayers for your future mate if God has such a man in store. Now, all you girls may not feel like you’re at the point in your life that you’re ready to do this, but one day…perhaps, maybe. =)

Writing Ideas
Tell your mysterious prince…
-that you’re waiting for him – staying pure for him (& why)
-that you’re praying for him all this time in between
-you can’t wait to know him & all the little things about him
-thank God for the possibility of him
-tell him how you can’t wait to live your life with him
-let him know how you can’t wait for his partnership in serving God

More Ideas
-use (or create) special stationary
-seal it with a kiss (hope that’s not too mushy for some of you=)
-say a prayer over it that you & “he” will stay pure in the waiting & for God’s will & blessings

I wrote my first love note to my future Prince Charming this past Valentine’s Day (the day before I started this blog actually). I sealed it up & have it stored in a special box… it reminds me of the gift of purity, as I will present it to my husband on our wedding day.

Listen to the song Rebecca St. James penned for her future true love…it’s a love note put to music...& it's the theme song for this Purity & Romance event...

Love Always,


  1. My poor future husband has A LOT of letters from me! hehe = )
    But that's just because I love him so...whoever he is and if that's God's plan for my life. =)

    I adore that song, and Rebecca St. James is the one who inspired me to wait and write letters! She was a turning point in my life for sure! I love how God uses certain books or even people as tools on your own life!

  2. An absolutely great idea, dearest Bess!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I think that I will have to start that and put the notes into my letter box for my one-day-meant-to-be prince charming!
    Hope you are having a lovely summer evening!
    With lots of love from your lil' sis in Christ,

  3. Hi Bess!!! Just wanted to stop by on this summer morning to see how my fav. sis is doing to day!!!
    Hope you are having the best of days, dear sister!
    Love always,

  4. Hiya Bess!!! Thanks so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog!! Just wanted to let my fav. sis know that you have a special award (created by me) waiting for you at my writing desk! Hope you enjoy!
    Love always,

  5. Thanks for your thoughts! I was a little unsure about how this idea would be received. So glad you liked it! And both your future-possible Knights will be blessed men, indeed!
    Love From Your Sister,

  6. Hi Bess!

    Great post full of very practical, pure & romantic tips =) This is Lily formerly of "The Bird Fish" I went on hiatus and created a whole new blog!

    hope you'll stop by sometime!



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