Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking Back {2013}

It's New Year's Eve, guys!  I decided to jump on the bandwagon & do a quick year in review post.  I was surprised at how much I did here on my little ole Bag as I started looking over old 2013 posts.  Here's some highlights...

I made lots & lots of printables & crafts.  So fun!

Here's some more of my favorites.  Read the snippet & click the link for the whole enchilada!

"Somehow in my years I’ve mistaken “trust” with “everything’s good & working out smoothly.” But that’s not trust – trust is continuing to believe when nothing makes sense & the trail markers are long gone.  After deep prayer & stillness, sometimes you have to step out into the mysterious – not sure if it’s the right way or not - & trust. No matter what it will be okay with Jesus."  

"It was an elderly lady, mid-sixties Maggie thought, wearing camo & a red sweatband on her curly gray head with a bow in hand & arrow tips sticking out of a long skinny satchel on her back. As she approached, Emma stammered under her breath, “Y-Yo-You don’t suppose she’s the Cupid Killer I read about on the Internet, do you?” Maggie shook her head, “Wasn’t that reported on another continent, Em,” Maggie whispered. “Hello, airplanes!” Emma declared as if they were a new fangled invention." 

"[I've often wondered] if I wasn't made for a simpler time, when "tweets" only came from birds & nooks were just cozy corners {& that was enough}... but, truthfully, there has been confusion & drama in the world since Eve took that first bite of forbidden fruit all those thousands of years ago {no technology required}."

"When I think of the word trust, as in “trust God,” it implies a trait that I must have ownership or mastery of. But, the word trustworthy, as in “He is trustworthy,” takes away all my striving. My Father is trustworthy, & because of this I can trust Him completely with everything."

"Some days I look in the mirror at reddened eyes from tears the night before, & feel less like I’m on the beauty trail & more like I’m lost out in the desert. It’s then that I remind myself this is a time of beautification of my spirit. You only need to have tried Nair once to know to beautify isn’t a painless process {Isn’t that an understatement?!}!" 

"Once upon a time there was a girl with a glowing smile, who would twirl her frilly skirts in abandon, & grin at every clicking camera with an ever-obliging “cheese!”  As time went on, however, enemies slowly invaded her castle. Ever so slowly they came in such a way that she welcomed the foe as friend, not knowing the danger that awaited her… Her princess stories were replaced with teen magazines, her fancy whirly dresses all but disappeared, she hid from any & every flashing camera, & her smile – when she did smile – was often put upon her face like a masquerade mask."

"There's a unique camaraderie born when a group of people share in like experiences.   Chowing down on Ramen Noodles, burning the midnight oil cramming for an exam, & living in the commune known as dorms is part of that fellowship that is quintessentially college life."
"If I surrender the pen {i.e.: past, present, & future outcomes of my story – not evaluating my own next to anyone else’s} to His hand through prayer, reading His Word, & seeking His will, then my story will be sweet & speak of His redemption, power, mercy, & grace… that doesn’t mean it will be easy or full of fairy tale-ish escapades where knights pack up their chainmail, hitch up the dragon, & cross kingdoms just to dwell in my neck of the enchanted {or not-so-enchanted} forest."  

Love & Happy 2014!  Thanks for reading Bess' Bag!

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