Monday, September 22, 2014

5 Blogs I ♥

Blog Love

A Beautiful Mess
Who doesn't love sisters Elsie & Emma?  They're super crafty in every since of the word.  Ever since I moved into my own space I've grown a deep love for decorating & setting up my place - these girls inspire me to do just that!

Don't let the name fool you {there isn't a skunk (unless maybe a stuffed one) & there isn't a boy (unless you count her husband)}... All I know is I just like having a peek into Katie & her sweet family's life - their vintage-ness & quirky creativity is inspiring & just plain fun {in my honest opinion}.  

Holley Gerth {Coffee for Your }
She's not only an absolutely fabulous author of Christian books about dreaming God-sized dreams, she's a sweet encourager through her blog writings, too.  She brings the caffeine for your heart {Holley, if by some minute chance you're reading this, you can steal that tagline!}.  

P.S. - I Made This
This blog is a DIY dream land!  Plus, it's got super easy instructions with bright photos {& some videos, too}, so you can totally recreate the ideas yourself.  Whether it's nifty fashion crafts, recipes, or decorating ideas P.S. - I Made This is the place to be!  {P.S.: I ♥ their inspiration boards, too.} 

Ruffles & Stuff
This is {I think} the first ever blog I found back in the day that became my first ever favorite!  Disney is a Jesus-loving mom & foster-mom, preacher's wife, & general cool crafter girl.  She is strong in Jesus {the most important thing in this crazy broken world}.

Blog Loving,

P.S.: What are some of your favorite blogs?

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  1. Love your suggestions, especially the 'PS I made this' one!


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