Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What's Your Personality Type?

Portrait of an Introvert
I’m definitely an introvert.  I crave time alone to re-energize from the daily drains of life.  However, living alone the last few years has left me desiring more “people time.”  If you were a fly on the wall, you’d find me talking to myself some {i.e.: most} days {in the confines of my own apt. (mostly)}. =) Yes, I’ve traveled across the pond twice now completely solo {no tour group & not knowing a single soul} – I find something inexpressibly delicious about that {though, believe me, it’s not all glamorous adventure & carefree-ness}. 

I took the test here to find out my "in depth" personality type & this is what I got: INFJ!  Here’s what it all stands for & my percentages: Introvert 67% iNtuitive 25% Feeling 50% & Judging 22%.  Do you know your "type"?  Try the test & see what ya get!

You've got real personality, friend!




  1. INFJ is a rare personality type friend! Love that you went out and travelled on your own!!!! Such courage

  2. How cool, I am an INFJ also! The Blogtember challenge is a cool idea...I found the original link and I think I might follow along in my journal. :)

  3. How funny! There are so many of us INFJs doing Blog-tember!


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