Thursday, September 25, 2014

Guest Post with "Inside Charlotte's Mind"

Good day everyone. I am taking time out from posting on my blog today and posting for Bess. I have to admit this whole guest blog idea makes me feel rather like a rockstar...I feel as though I should be making some diva-style demands! But I won't do that...well not today at least.
I found this Blogtember Challenge truly wonderful, I have come across so many people that I have a lot in common with. A wonderful long distance friendship will now be in place between Bess and I, and for this I am so very thankful.
She is a lovely lady. So very kind and sweet.

But onto the task at hand eh?! Go forth into the breach so they say.

I thought I would share some things with you all that I have on my mind of late.
There was a prompt a week or so ago about what inspires us, and at the time all my brain focused on was in a blogging sense. But after having time to meditate on it so to speak, I would like to share with you about my late father.

Stephen James Ward - died February 17th 1990 aged 30.

I was 4 when my father died.
Whenever people used to ask me what happened to him, they always assume it was an illness..this is not so.
I remember pieces from that day.
But to be honest I have repressed quite a lot.
On that day my dad, mum 2 brothers and I were travelling home on the motorway.
Whilst doing so an accident occurred between several cars. Without thinking dad stopped and went to help.
There were 2 women and a baby stuck in a vehicle.
What I remember is my mum coming to the car to retrieve a blanket, I remember seeing blue flashing lights.
I remember being driven away in a police car.
My father inspires me for many reasons.
He is a hero to me and always will be.
He gave his life to save others.
I may have lost dad, but others got to live.

There are some things about me that people assume when they meet me.
They assume that I want pity - this is not so, all I want is for people to understand that although there may be a lot of hatred in the world, there is always a diamond shining in the darkness.
I have talked on numerous occasions about the pain that comes with bullying and depression - again people think I want attention. This is not so. I personally feel that both of these topics have a stigma and need to be talked about. Children and adults alike need to understand and believe that they are not worthless. They are loved. If nobody else will, I will be there for anyone who needs help.
I am a compassionate person. It's safe to say sometimes I may put my emotions into things a tad too much. but do you know what, sometimes it is ok to do this.
Yes, I am british. Yes, I have emotions! We are not all about the stiff upper lip :-)
Although I may not feel like being cheerful sometimes, I would rather make someone else happy. Other peoples joy and happiness is so important to me.
I am one of those people who can hide their feelings and emotions very well when I need too. But if someone is in pain, I need to help.
"I wear my heart on my sleeve," thank you Shakespeare!

Lets end in a cheery fashion shall we - check this out -
only 2% of the world has red hair so I am basically a majestic unicorn!!

Thank you all for reading today. I hope you get a chance to check out the rest of my blog, when you pop on over to see Bess' post.

Have a therapeutic Thursday...and remember it's Friday tomorrow!!
So have a dance around and get that Friday feeling lovely people.


  1. Lovely post - I'm in total agreement that it's necessary to talk about things like bullying and depression, because it's the only way the stigmas surrounding these things will be lessened.

  2. Hey lovely, thank you for hosting me yesterday. I enjoyed it :-)


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