Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Day in the Life

I'm a big fan of Saturdays!  There's no work, no early get-up, no set schedule - only possibilities for this girl!  I got up around 8:30ish & took a short stroll in my neighborhood after breakfast.  {Leaves are falling, guys!}
I started a new book I picked up at the library yesterday.  It's another in the Miss Bianca series by Margery Sharp & it really is truly charming!  If you have young ones or just appreciate children's literature, I recommend these!
I got gas for $2.94 today!  The best price I've seen in a long while.
After lunch {chicken nuggets smothered in honey (my guilty pleasure) + broccoli smothered in cheese}, my mom & I went antique shopping.  We didn't make any purchases, but we got plenty of inspiration/ideas!  Afterwards I went to my childhood home {i.e.: my mom's} & we ate Conn's potato chips & watched Netflix {more guilty pleasure} {we may or may not have also played a game or 2 of old school Super Mario World}.  Love my mom - & I know it's important to be with loved ones while you can!
I ended the evening with a bowl full of chocolaty cereal & another stroll - so thankful I live where there are plenty of sidewalks {God is good!}.

Daily Love,

P.S.: What did you do today, my friend?


  1. Sounds like a lovely Saturday! I love strolling through antique stores for inspiration, especially around Christmas-time!

  2. Your day sounds so fun! =) I love that you got to spend time with your mom. That's one thing I really miss about living so far from home.

    I went to a college retreat. It was really good. We had several worship sessions, canoeing, ziplining (conquered my fear of heights!), etc. I'm exhausted now and thankful for a day of rest!

  3. Thanks for commenting, guys! Yes, it was a fun day. Gabrielle, your day sounds exciting {& exhausting, too} - glad you got a chance to conquer a fear {& that you took it}!
    Happy Sunday Love,


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