Friday, September 5, 2014

A Pen & Paper Passion


When I was little I wove tales with my tongue & my aunt prophesied that I would be an author. Later, came fat pencil stories of brave girls who owned no fear. Later still, came poems & thoughts ink scribbled on scraps of notebook paper as I jostled about on the city bus - eyes open to all around me: live, breathing stories & mysteries untold & hidden in passengers & buildings passed by.

There is a magic I have found in breathing to life a character unknown to the world until penned down - & weaving a world for her that is not perfect or simple or easy, as real flesh-&-blood worlds never are.

Somewhere along the way, fear gripped my hand & besought me to question the validity of such a hope that I could be published & read & reread.

Today is a dusting off day, for though there are no guarantees in this life, I have come to the realization it is far worse to have the gift & never open it, then to open it & find it unwelcomed. Someone wiser than I once said, "It is better to try & fail, then never to try at all." It is a truth for these trembling hands to pick up the pen once more, for it is a passion that abides deep inside.


"I wish I knew for sure I could make it as a writer.  Then I could stop dithering about my future & write."
-The Year We Were Famous by Carole Estby Dagg

P.S.: Sometimes you just have to take a blind leap & leave the landing up to God.


  1. Fear is such a crippling emotion. My dear friend told me that if God has given you a gift, but you choose not to use it, you will lose that gift.

    I know that The Lord has planned in my heart to write a book, but I stopped writing. Which is why this blog challenge was so intriguing.

    Be encouraged, soldier. You have a gift for words :)

    From one future author to another,

  2. Hi, Bess! This is super encouraging to me because I struggle with thinking that no one would ever want to read the books I write in the future. There is hope! I'd read what you wrote. :D Hope you have a wonderful day!


  3. What a pretty blog, Bess! It seems to me that you already are an author. Perhaps there will be other types of writing you will do in the future, but you're already writing and have an audience.
    I came here via Holley Gerth

  4. God created you with stories and He will bring them out at the right time! Keep going!


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