Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall Favorites

Autumn Love

  • pumpkins - the smell, the taste of pumpkin pie, the cuteness of piling & placing them around as decor
  • leaves - watching the hills come alive with color, hearing them crunching underneath my feet, playing in the piles
  • weather - the chill in the air, cozy sweater weather, boots & scarves released from storage
  • holidays - the special days {including my birthday}
Autumn Love,

P.S.: What do you love about fall?


  1. Lovely post! I love your collage (that long cardigan is darling!)...lucky you, to have a birthday in Autumn [Thanks for your comment on my blog xx]

  2. Ooh... pumpkin pie is a favorite of mine and I love the smell of pie baking in the oven. Good post!


  3. I too love the sound of leaves crunching under foot! Thanks for sharing, I love your collage!

  4. Fall is definitely my favorite season. Mainly because of the feel and the colors and also my birthday and NaNoWriMo.


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