Monday, September 8, 2014

Music Loving

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I love music... hearing it, singing it {when no one's around}, experiencing it live, making it.  

I grew up going to classical & big band concerts a lot {my sister plays the viola & I played the violin - so we were even in concerts}.  My dad played trumpet & my mom plays the organ, piano, is a member in a hand-bell choir, & sings beautifully {she even played French horn & the sousaphone back in the day}.  So, it's in my blood big time!  I was never uber-talented at the violin, but I remember in high school finding a blank book for writing music in & I sat for hours & methodically created "songs" with rather interesting titles {one was called The Mermaid's Lament - wish I could play it for ya (quite melancholy)}.  

My favorite music includes contemporary Christian {it's pretty much always on my car radio} & Disney/movie soundtracks {yep, I'm that kinda girl}.  I also enjoy hymns & old school "oldies."

Each month I share the songs I'm currently loving {click here for Sept.'s}!

Musical Love,


P.S.: What music moves you?

P.P.S.: & because I couldn't post about music without a song... 

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  1. Hi! Stopping by from the how you wrote that you love experiencing it live. So true! Along with hearing a song we feel it too! And love that you play the violin! :)


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