Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fashion Trending

What I love...
Dress + Pants
dresses over pants

Wait, really.  It's back on the runways, & I for one have always been a fan of this unlikely style duo.  Perhaps some of it stems from the length of dresses these days.  Ah, can we say a little on the short side much of the time!  Some are mere tunics in my honest opinion!  Anyhow, this trend takes care of that!  But, it's not just for the too shorty frocks, either.  

Dresses + Pants: Runway

Dresses + Pants: Real Way
tip top image & the 2 left pics above are via here.

What I, um, don't love...


leggings as pants

Last night, I was lying awake pilfering through my brain for a style trend I truly, completely disliked - & I hit pay-dirt with this one. Unless perhaps you're a teetering toddler tike {I love a good alliteration}, then leggings shouldn't be worn out & about on their own. The solution: Girl, that's easy, put a dress over em, of course! Emma Watson does it all the time. ♥

Trending Love,

P.S.: I also have to add I hate the trend of printing words across the backs of sweatpants & shorts, too. If that's the quality of reading today, I'm opting for an illiterate public! Just saying.

P.P.S.: What style trends do you love & hate right now?


  1. That's the only way i like leggings, under dresses that feel too short. :)

  2. I agreed... when sweatpants have words like BOOTAY or something weirdly awful printed right across the back... why would you want people staring at that?!
    I'm a sucker for leggins! but you're right there's a certain way they have to be worn, I always wear mine with long shirts that go under the butt... otherwise y'all got everything on show! haha


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