Saturday, September 6, 2014

Currently {September}

+Reading: Miss Bianca & the Bridesmaid by Margery Sharp.  Why have I never been privy to this delectable {"Miss Bianca"} series before?  Yes, it’s a children’s chapter book, however I don't think it would be fully appreciated unless by older ears {eyes?}.  Remember the Disney movies The Rescuers & The Rescuers Down Under?  These charmingly written stories from the 60s/70s are about those mice!  Okay, so this may not excite the rest of you as it has me, but I have a real fetish for this kind of lit. 
+Listening: to Erin O’Donnell’s No Place So Far CD when driving around.  {Is it terribly old school to listen to CDs now?  I feel like vinyl is back & the old compact discs seem completely old fashioned, strangely instead.  Well, that’s me, anyway: O.F.  Did I mention this CD was around when I was in high school?}

+Enjoying: moonlight swims – I discovered if I go later I can have the whole of my apartment place’s pool to myself {at least it’s worked that way the last 2 nights}.  I can float & look up at the stars!  I’m “soaking” it up while I can; it’s almost time for the pool to close for the season.

+Working: on cleaning up my apt.  I like to be organized, but the creative side of me lends itself to big messes + lately I just haven't felt like it {see below}.

+Praying: for my mom & stepfather.  His cancer has returned.  He sorta shrugs it off, but it's extremely hard on my mom.  If you feel led to, I know they'd appreciate prayers!

P.S.: What are you up to lately?

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