Monday, September 29, 2014

Let's Blog {You & I}!

I never thought I’d be a blogger. Really. It wasn’t on my bucket list or even on my radar until I first stumbled upon someone’s charming blog & it got me hankering for one of my own. So I took the plunge almost 5 years ago. I don’t claim to be a blogging genius or HTML whiz – in fact, sometimes it amazes me that I’ve even got this little ole’ blog. Social media is such a time taker in this age, so I try to be extra careful & choosy with it. I’m not on Twitter or Instagram & I’ve never played Candy Crush {cause I know I’d probably become an addict with rotten techno-sweet-tooth brain} + I’ve never had a sip or taste of anything from Starbucks & I don’t have an iPhone & rarely text, so I’m basically this crazy twenty-something that goes against all that society says is good & decent… but I like it that way. I like being the girl God made me to be. So what if the world doesn’t get it? =)

Lately I’ve been wondering about shaking things up here on the blog. A new design, a new name…? I’d l-o-v-e your input/advice/wisdom.

Perhaps you’ve thought about starting up a blog yourself? Say a prayer, take some time, & then take that first step. I’d be happy to help you in any way I can, just drop me a line {er, comment} & let me know! Blogging is a journey; it’s work; it’s therapy; it’s a mini community that spans the globe… It’s many things & many peoples, maybe one of those people should be you.

Blogging Love,



  1. A new design always seem to bring renewed vigour and motivation with blogging I find :)

  2. Love your post! I love the community aspect of blogging too!


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