Sunday, September 28, 2014

Highs & Lows {Sept.}

Highs / Lows {Sept.}

+overcoming fears & enjoying moonlight swims
+substitute teaching jobs {one little girl gave me a post-it note declaring my awesomeness (I don't know about that, but it's now displayed on my fridge)}
+antique shopping & playing video games with my mom {a strange combo, but that's how we roll} =)
+being able to take my nephew home after school some days {I've been able to sub at his school lots}
+my nephew's 6th b-day {can't believe it}
+connecting with new blogging sisters for Bailey Jean's "Blog-tember Challenge"
+creating my 1st {albeit completely imperfect} vlog 
+loving teaching my preschoolers at church
+enjoying the fallish weather out-of-doors

+applying for full time work with no doors opening {God seems to be saying "wait," I suppose}
+struggling with fears
+struggling with comparing my story-thus-far to others'

+getting locked in a swimming pool {read more about it here}

September's almost done, my dear.  Here's to a bright {be good to me} October!  {I wish I was typing this post up wearing a high-low skirt!  It just seems fitting...  Sorry, I'm beginning to ramble.}


P.S.: What were some of your highs & lows this month?  I'd love to hear in a comment!  

P.P.S.: Any prayer requests?


  1. Love that you are having fun substitute teaching. I had a bad experience the time I did it...and I have let fear keep me from doing it again! Ha. I am praying for you to get the job you want!!

  2. Love hearing about your highs. Patience seems to be in order re: the lows.....I know none of us are good at being patient, but sometimes the act of waiting teaches us a lot....


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