Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bess Style: Dress + Pants

What can I say?  I love pairing a dress with pants - & actually it's a big trend right now {look out for my post on that soon (here it is)}.  Who knew?  I've been fashion forward unaware since my little girl days of wrapping quilts {to make a long "flowing" skirt} over top of my jeans & playing princess.  I truly believe I was inspired by the opening scene in the film Labyrinth when Jennifer Connelly's character hikes up her dress to run, revealing jeans underneath, after the clock chimes - that really does sticks out majorly in my childhood memory box...  I kept up this idea right on into adulthood {with slacks, jeans, & skinny trousers - the blanket thing would just get too many stares}.

embroidered dress...C. Luce {$1 yard sale find!}
skinny khakis...Old Navy {I've had these since high school - that makes them almost 10 years old!}
wedges...Montego Bay Club {consignment sale}
bangles...{Who knows?}

My entire outfit easily cost less than $10!

I feel pants under dresses & skirts is either something you love or something you feel the flip side about.  What are your thoughts on this trend!

Style Love,

P.S.: After talking about it, I really want to go watch Labyrinth now!


  1. Super cute! I've definitely seen that trend making it's way across Arkansas, though I haven't tried it yet. It looks comfy, modest, and fashionable. Once the weather gets a bit cooler, I'm going to give it a try! =)

  2. Glad I'm not the only one who likes this style:)


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