Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bess in Loch Ness

Bess' Loch Ness Scrapbook

I had dreamed of this trip my whole life {well, at least since middle & high school}.  I had a bold blue sticker with the word "Scotland" emblazoned on it across my agenda mate in 9th grade.  I had a tea towel with the map of Scotland I snagged at a yard sale taped to the wall of my bedroom {& I may or may not have kissed the skinny blue spot that read Loch Ness when I passed by}.  I even took close-up shots of pictures of the Scottish Highlands in books, so I could feel a little closer to actually being there myself {they didn't turn out very well}.  I had driven everyone {& myself} crazy with my dream.  And, finally {who can believe it}, at 20 years old, I was on my way.  My mom was braver than I think I could be in her place - sending her daughter out into the wide world all by herself.  Yes, you see, that was part of the dream, I would go completely solo {no tour groups / not knowing a single soul}; I had, though, booked my lodgings {3 B&Bs in different areas for my week long adventure}.  Did I mention I'd never been on an airplane before either?  It was a crazy adventure & a dream come true.   My luggage was lost coming & going; I got kinda lost myself once; I walked all over {Scottish} creation; waded in Loch Ness & took a boat ride {where I did see something strange in the water (who knows)}; bothered the poor shopkeeper so much with my questions that he finally uttered in mock-exasperation, "What is it now, Bess?" in his thick Scottish accent; made a peculiar request at a petrol station; saw sheep; & walked barefoot in the green, green grass {to name a few}. =)   

Edinburgh {the capitol (& very gray) city}

Loch Ness

this is taken out of one of the windows in the ruins of Castle Urquhart - you can see a strange tiny speck in the water {maybe I unknowingly captured a shot of Nessie - or not (though I do believe in the lake beast)}

Adventurous Love,

P.S.: 4 years later I took another solo jaunt across the pond {this time to England & Wales}!  To read about my escapades there click these links: Travel Diary Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, & Part 5.


  1. I love this post! So 'real', so full of life. Just beautiful.

  2. I want to go to a castle!! Lucky you

  3. Hi Bess!

    Thank you for dropping by my blog. I know exactly what you felt. My first ever trip abroad was also a dream come true. And just like you, I've imagined that trip countless of times before I was able to make it a reality and I went solo, too! Wishing you more adventures!



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